When is the Right Time to Hire an HVAC Service Technician?

When is the Right Time to Hire an HVAC Service Technician?

HVAC issues won’t come up on your property every day. But this is not something you may wait to have it serviced. An HVAC issue can get worse the longer you wait.

And waiting longer to have your unit fixed means asking for unnecessary discomfort and stress on your property. It might even result in health issues if you are not clean, not to mention that the costs of fixing your unit are likely to increase.

So rather than making excuses to have your unit serviced, start looking for your HVAC technician to service your unit. If you notice either of the following signs, then it is the right time to hire a technician:

  1. High Energy Bills

If you have realized there is an increase in your energy bills without changes to your everyday habits, then you must consider hiring a technician who is reputable, skilled, and experienced in using technology solutions, such as HVAC Software.

It will be alright for energy bills to increase slightly during the coldest and hottest months. But unexplained spike is a major concern. Your unit will be in overdrive if you incur high energy bills.

  1. Your Unit is Not Turning On

One of the most obvious signs showing that you have to reach out to an HVAC service technician is when the unit fails to turn on when you try adjusting the thermostat. For instance, if you are turning the unit to cool but nothing happens, then you will need to call a technician to fix the problem.

Of course, you will first have to check several things before you make a call. One of the primary things to check is a circuit breaker. If there is a tripped circuit, it may prevent the HVAC from operating.

Other things to check are settings in the thermostat. For instance, ensure the button is moved all the way to cool or heat, based on your needs. Afterward, adjust the temperature to make sure it kicks on.

  1. Poor Ventilation

It is the job of an HVAC technician to check the air ventilation of your home for potential issues. If you realize that the flow of air is almost non-existent even after being serviced, then it means you need to call the technician back.

Note that this is a common mistake, not a red flag. But if you start noticing that the same issue keeps on happening from the same technician, then it means they are overlooking other areas.

  1. Unusual Noises

If you start hearing clanking, banging, buzzing, or high-pitched noises that come from your system, this is normally not something you may fix on your own. Those noises might be an indication that foreign objects or loose connectors are interfering with your fan.

They can as well signal that something is causing damage to the internal systems in your unit. So you should schedule an appointment immediately.

Concluding Remarks!

As far as servicing your HVAC unit is concerned, it is important to hire a dependable, skilled, and reputable technician. This is important, especially if you notice signs like unusual noises, poor ventilation, and high energy bills.

Casey Huel