What’s Test Automation Framework in Selenium?

What’s Test Automation Framework in Selenium?

It is a code structure making code maintenance simple and quick , efficient. It will help to improve code reusability, cuts lower around the cost of script maintenance, and ensures better code readability, etc. Selenium is not just only one tool rather it is a suite of tools that will help to automate tests for websites. The different of selenium are Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid, and Selenium WebDriver. The newest type of selenium is selenium 4 alpha 5.

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What exactly are types of selenium frameworks ?

You’ll find mainly three types of frameworks created by Selenium Web Driver which are broadly-accustomed to automate manual test cases:

Data-driven test framework

Keyword-driven test framework

Hybrid test framework

Let us now try to understand each one of these framework types thorough:

Data-driven test framework – In this framework the data sets are separated within the test cases. Once the data sets are separated within the test situation, it may be easy to personalize test situation for virtually any specific functionality without altering the code. This method allows you to fetch test cases and suites from exterior files like stick out, .csv, .xml, etc.

Keyword-driven test framework – This method accelerates the automated tests by separating keywords for virtually any common volume of functions and directions. All the operations and directions to acquire performed are available in exterior files just as one stick out sheet. Users can easily control and specify the functionalities they wish to test.

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Hybrid test framework- In this concept both Keyword-driven frameworks in addition to Data-driven frameworks are employed. It becomes an easy-to-use framework that allows manual testers to create test cases simply by searching within the keywords, test data, and object repository without coding inside the framework.

Why the selenium test automation framework broadly contained in software testing?

Below pointed out could be the group of primary main reasons why this test automation framework is broadly contained in software testing:

It becomes an open-source framework that will help the business save costs

It’ll get continuous updates that are essential for something to operate

It enables scripting in lots of languages Java, Python, C#, PHP, Ruby, Perl and .Internet

Test might be transported on Home home home home windows, macOS, and Linux

It enables testing on any browsers for instance Mozilla Firefox, Ie, Chrome, Safari, and Opera

It enables mix-browser compatibility testing with strong atmosphere support.

What exactly are top selenium C# frameworks?

When using the ever-growing quantity of languages and frameworks, it’s very apparent that people get confused between these frameworks. There are numerous types of C# frameworks produced for selenium testing but a variety of the framework completely depends upon business and requires. Let us now see the best selenium C# frameworks that are contained in software testing:

  • Nunit – It becomes an open-source framework that’s ported from JUnit. The newest type of this framework is NUnit 3.12. with plenty of recent features and supports a number of .Internet platforms. This framework is broadly preferred among C# developers for automated browser testing. It is a user-extensible framework that follows a parameterized syntax generally useful for Test-Driven Development (TDD) with C#. The supported platforms are .Internet framework 3.5 , .Internet Standard 1.4 , and .Internet Core.
  • MSTest – It’s also referred to as visual studio unit testing framework. The newest type of MSTest is MSTest 2.1.2. This framework identifies tests via annotations/attributes the implementation exists. The primary responsibility of annotations in MSTest ought to be to inform the particular framework concerning the interpretation inside the source code. Because it is a residential district-focused selenium C# framework, it’s gaining acceptance and recognition for tests connected with automating browser testing.