Tips for Designing with Rope Lights

Tips for Designing with Rope Lights

LED Rope Lights are a very good way of introducing both luminosity, colour and creativity, along with practicality – this is so useful when it comes to commercial applications. They provide strength and durability which means it is ideal for indoor and outdoor use alike. This lends itself to being utilised for commercial and industrial uses. In this article, we will be discussing the practical uses of LED Rope Lighting in a commercial capacity.

Introduction – What are LED Rope Lights?

You may have seen rope lights before, but if you’re not familiar with them, they come in long tubes of lightweight plastic. They don’t use bulbs; instead, they contain small LED lights. The technology has advanced to where rope lights are now energy-efficient and work in all kinds of lighting applications. Indoor rope lights often come in multi-coloured strips; these can be used to create pretty much any kind of design that you require. Some types of outdoor rope lights are waterproof; they can be used along pathways or wherever exterior lighting is needed. They are also often used in industrial and commercial applications such as construction and engineering as a way to safely and conveniently light work areas and sites – especially in settings like tunnels.

How long can they be?

Rope lights usually come in as long as you need them to be and can be cut to custom sizes. It’s never a one-size-fits-all sort of deal and so there is limitless customisation for every single project. Lights can be run in a continuous length up to 25m before you need to refresh the power – this means that you can run lighting for long distances and illuminate spaces as needed in whichever shape is required.

Waterproof for outdoor use

Rope lights are a popular decorative lighting choice because they’re easy to work with and relatively inexpensive. However, if you plan on putting rope lights in an outdoor location, make sure they’re rated for outside use. Simply put: If your rope light isn’t waterproof, don’t buy it. Also, look at where any control boxes are placed. They should be indoors to prevent moisture from damaging them and potentially shorting out your system.

LED Rope Lighting on Escalator

Adding LED rope lighting to escalators looks fantastic to onlookers and users. But, it can do more than just beautify. If you have a store or other structure that requires people to ride up and down the escalators then, adding visual cues to help guide them is helpful. Adding rope lights that illuminate different sections of an escalator helps direct customers and employees up and down in a convenient way. This improves safety for both customers and employees.

LED Rope Lights for interior design

LED rope lights are a great way to add a little bit of glow to your interior design. The best part about using LED rope lights is that they’re a very efficient way to add a colourful lighting element to your space. In comparison to fluorescent or incandescent bulbs, LEDs consume very little power and produce far less heat, making them safe and easy to use. Read an LED choice guide for more information. Using different coloured LED rope lights will help you achieve any type of colour scheme or look you want for your room.

James Brown