Do BusinessesNeed Text Archiver?

Do BusinessesNeed Text Archiver?

Text messaging is becoming more popular among businesses. Because people get overwhelmed by email, text messaging has become the alternative for enterprises to communicate with customers and target audiences. Aside from receiving emails, people are also not into calling, so they resort to texting.

However, text messages are prone to getting lost or deletion. Does the business have the tools to retrieve lost conversations if this occurs? Are there any backup data? This is why having a text message archive app is crucial.

Moreover, businesses might need a text archiver for the following reasons:

Text Archiver Can Help the Businesses Meet Compliance

Mobile messaging applications can provide numerous benefits for businesses. However, businesses get subjected to retention regulations implemented by regulatory boards, like the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Member businesses must meet text message compliance or face hefty penalties that can potentially shut them down. Text messages are no different from email and social media because all are forms of digital communication.

Given the abovementioned regulations, archiving becomes the most effective method to save and store text messages strategically. Instead of manual and individual archiving,text archiving tools can do the task automated, cutting costs and saving time for better purposes.

Text ArchiverCanDefend the Business

Businesses can still use archiving tools to their advantage, regardless ofwhether regulations bind them. The business can archive messages to prepare for litigations, particularly if there is a future dispute between theirorganization and clients or during a regulatory crackdown. Not only emails and recorded phone calls are usable in court proceedings but also text messages.

Archiving allows the court to track messages and determine who is telling the truth, even if the original message has been deleted. This ensures the messagesare authentic and can objectively be presented to neutral parties.

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Clare Louise