Cloud-Biometric Authentication Fortifies FIDO’s Multi-Device Credentials

Cloud-Biometric Authentication Fortifies FIDO’s Multi-Device Credentials

FIDO is also known as “fast identity online, which allows password-only login to become obsolete with a quick and passwordless login experience on websites and mobile apps.FIDO2 is the overarching name for FIDO’s set of specifications that lets users use their standard devices to authenticate to online services both in mobile and desktop environments. Previously, users had to register every device they logged into with FIDO and they could not reuse credentials from other devices. Its new authentication features aim to eliminate the need to re-enroll every user’s device.

FIDO announced that they had developed a method that allows users to log in to their online accounts using passwordless methods, such as face ID, fingerprints, and PIN codes. Users will be able to set up FIDO on multiple devices with the help of Apple, Google, or Microsoft’s passwordless online platform.

However, FIDO passwordless solutions have some shortcomings, such as the assumption that the person who registered the device is the account owner without any verification. Another drawbackis that the device can hold multiple authentication users, but the enterprise would have no record of which device-authenticated user had authorized the login or online transaction. 

Device-based authentication has its limits as it does not provide a definitive audit trail of who made the purchase or transfer of funds. Binding a biometrically confirmed identity with registration of a FIDO2 token on a device helps in ensuring passwordless security. Biometrics can validate the identity of the user and verifies the true account owner whenever increased assurance is required in online transactions.

With authID, organizations can move from device-based authentication and utilize a cloud-based, secure biometric authentication combined with FIDO2 to verify the user’s identity.

For more information on how cloud-biometric authentication fortifies FIDO’s multi-device credentials, here is an article from authID. You may also visit Login ID for secure and private authentication in the future.


Casey Huel