The Perks of Earning Backlinks and Needs to Monitor it

The Perks of Earning Backlinks and Needs to Monitor it

Backlinks are vital in the SEO landscape. It helps a lot in organic ranking. It gives the ranking a lot of juice and keeps it strong. Backlinks help to promote your website on search engines and even pave a path for boosted referral traffic. Backlinks trigger speedy indexing, which means the potential for more clicks and website traffic. Backlinks encourage trust in your site and help to establish a long-term bond. So, acquiring backlinks brings all the perks, but it is also crucial to supervise them.

All backlink sources differ. Some may have questionable content that can badly impact your online reputation. Low-quality backlinks can get your website penalized by Google. So, for maintaining top backlink profile health, you need to adhere to search engine protocols. Stay away from black hat methods, avoid a one-way link-building approach, and choose authoritative and relevant guest posting platforms.

Broken or bad links are risky for SEO. You may experience a sudden traffic spike from unknown geographical regions. If you ignore it and Google detects the pattern then your website will get penalized in the form of a drop in ranking. So, monitor bad backlinks and remove them before it hurts your SEO ranking.

Monitoring incoming links to your site manually is tricky. Invest in a reliable backlink monitoring solution. It ensures that the tracking process moves accurately and efficiently. Below are some tools that can help in –

  • A quick check of competitors’ backlink profile
  • Your website’s comprehensive backlink profile analysis
  • Broken link recovery from re-launched or expired domain

Some helpful backlink monitoring tools are given below.


Currently, the solution is a free backlink monitoring service. It is a great solution to regularly scan website uptime, broken internal links, and outgoing links, and stay on top of website SEO performance and online visibility.

Even if the content is king, you need keyword research and skills to write interesting content for getting high-quality backlinks. For guest posting, you will need to approach an authoritative and relevant website in the niche. Linkascope program can help you in monitoring the backlinks you got from. All the backlinks that come to your website are different in quality.

With the solution, you can isolate and eliminate the toxic backlinks. Even stay updated about competitors’ backlink profiles and enhance your link-building strategy.

URL shortener reduces the long link. Use the short URL in ads, blogs, publications, documents, social profiles, etc. Monitor the hits from short URLs to evaluate marketing campaign performance.

Monitor Backlinks

The advanced tool offers an overview of the SEO metrics, domain, and anchor text reports, keyword ranking, and even disavow bad links. Small business owners can use Monitor Backlinks tool to identify toxic backlinks and avoid the Google penalty. Locate the high-quality backlinks and leverage them to earn plenty of traffic.


It is capable to track new links gained and old ones lost. Link profiles change consistently, so Linkody helps to stay on top. Sending alerts about lost links and gaining new links keeps you updated about backlink profiles’ health. You can easily detect and disavow toxic links as well as stay informed about competitors’ website activities.

Tressa Zemlak