3 Perfect Huawei Smartphones You Must Know

3 Perfect Huawei Smartphones You Must Know

Failed to buy the right Android smartphone? Well, first of all, you need to relax and then start noting down your particular needs and this smarts strategy leads you to end up with your best Android smartphone. No doubt, Huawei happens to be the leading brand when it comes to Android smartphones, so start researching about its phones thoroughly and you will definitely get the right option for you.

They are not only affordable but also durable ones, so you should start learning more about them and gear up to enjoy unmatched features, making your life easier from all aspects. Unlike other Android options, they are solid ones and can resist falls easily. This write-up is the amazing one to read because it has brought up some best Huawei smartphones for you, so evaluate the below- discussed list and get the most perfect one for yourself.

  • Huawei P30 Pro

The weight of this phone is 192g and it is quite reasonable one to hold the phone on the go and the screen size of this smartphone is 6.47 inches along with 8GB RAM. It tops the list because it has been the budget-friendly options for the masses and that increased its sale a lot. It also has considerably perfect storage capacities such as 512 GB, 256 GB and 128 GB. The battery of this smartphone is 4,200mAh with the rear camera of 40MP +20MP+ 8MP+ ToF. As far as the front camera is concerned, so it is 32MP. However, the trend of buying smartphones online has increased nowadays and people prefer making purchasing from reputable online stores such as Noon. You should also visit that store and you find the widest array of ideal Android smartphones at the cheap rates. Before jumping to that store, you should make sure that have get the Noon Code.

  • Huawei Mate 20 Pro

It is another remarkable smartphone by Huawei and it has also enjoyed the ultimate sale because of its durability and affordability, so you can also consider it as you have a limited budget. The screen size of this smartphone is 6.39 inches with the storage space of 256 GB and the RAM is of 8GB. The rear camera of this phone is 40MP+ 20MP+ 8MP and on the other hand the front one is 24MP. The battery of this phone is also 4200mAh, making it the reliable one to last longer. In this smartphone, you also find the feature of fingerprint scanner and its great triple cameras, enhance its look completely.

  • Huawei P30

This awesome smartphone’s weight is 165g and it has the screen of 6.1 inches with having the RAM of 8GB and the battery is 3,650mAh, making it the complete smart device for everyone. Furthermore, the storage capacities of this Huawei’s phone are 512GB, 128GB and 64GB. The front camera of this Huawei’s phone is 32MP along with the rear one is 40MP + 16MP + 8MP. Another strong attribute of this smartphone is its extremely powerful processor, so you can also consider this amazing phone for yourself.